The world’s financial markets

In Ireland, agents sell real estate online
Virtual views, live chats with brokers and electronic signature of documents are the new reality of the Irish real estate market, writes The Irish Times. Savills Ireland has launched a…

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France has imposed a 15-day quarantine
On the evening of Monday, March 16, French President Emmanuel macron made a televised address to the nation, in which he announced the introduction of a quarantine in the country…

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Spanish villages are ready to pay for those who want to move
In Spain, several programs and initiatives have been launched in recent years to attract new residents to the country's villages. They can be offered a guaranteed job, a home, and…

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Abu Dhabi to build 28,000 homes and apartments by 2023

The interest of foreigners in the capital of the UAE will grow thanks to” Golden visas ” and the ability to buy real estate in full ownership, according to the consulting company CBRE.

According to CBRE, from 2020 to 2023, another 28,000 objects will appear on the Abu Dhabi market, in addition to the existing 258,000, writes Arabian Business. The government’s initiatives are designed to boost the Abu Dhabi real estate market this year, according to a consulting company.

Analysts are confident that interest in the capital of the UAE will grow due to changes in the law, according to which foreigners will be able to buy property in full ownership in 15 investment zones of the country. Continue reading

International hotel investment forum IHIF in Berlin postponed due to coronavirus

The IHIF forum, which was scheduled to take place next week in the German capital, has been moved to may 2020, according to event organizers.

Organizers Of the international hotel investment forum IHIF announced today that the event was postponed to 4-6 may 2020 due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

The world’s largest and most influential investment event in the hospitality industry was to be held next week-March 2-4, 2020 in Berlin. Continue reading

Rental rates in Athens rose to 30 % over the year and exceeded pre-crisis indicators

In several districts of Athens, rent has risen in price over the past year by 20-30 % and exceeded the figures recorded before the crisis, reports A similar situation is observed in several other areas of Attica.

According to the real estate website Spitogatos, in various areas of Attica, rental rates have increased by up to 30 % in the past 12 months. In glika Nere, an Eastern suburb of Athens, you can rent an apartment for an average of 7 euros per sq. m. per month, while just a year ago prices were at the level of 5.35 euros per sq. m. Continue reading

Named Spanish regions with the highest salaries

The average salary in the country is 1,695 euros per month before taxes, according to Idealista.

Madrid and the Basque Country are the regions of Spain with the highest salaries, according to the consulting company Adecco and the research firm Barceló & Associates. The average remuneration in both locations was 1,990 euros per month before taxes in 2019.

Wages exceed the national average in three regions: Navarre-1,850 euros, Catalonia-1,810 euros and Asturias – 1,700 euros. Continue reading

Knight Frank named the countries with the largest number of super-rich residents

In 2019, the number of people with a fortune of 30 million dollars or more grew by 6.4% worldwide and exceeded half a million people. Almost half of ultramagnetic lives in the United States. And Russia is ahead of Switzerland in the number of super-rich.

In the next five years, the number of owners of fortunes over $ 30 million will increase by 27% worldwide. This is stated in the report the Wealth Report 2020 of the international consulting company Knight Frank. Continue reading

The Bank of Greece forecasts a stable situation in the real estate market
The impact of the pandemic on the domestic and global economy may affect the Greek real estate market in the short term. But as soon as the situation normalizes, demand…


Us exchanges experienced the largest drop since 1987
Us stock exchanges closed on March 16 with a record fall for the second time in a week, CNN reports. This is the largest drop in 33 years since "black…


The foreign Ministry is finalizing lists of Russian tourists who want to return home
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation announced that on March 26, at 14: 00 local time, it will finish forming lists of Russian citizens who need assistance…


Rental rates in Spain have increased by 50 % in five years
In some regions of the country, the growth of rental rates exceeded 60 %. Over the past five years, residential real estate rentals in Spain have risen in price by…